About Hannah & DisVisibility

DisVisibility has evolved over the years to become what it is today: a blog and coaching business by a member of the disability community for other members of the disability community.

My name is Hannah and I have several chronic and invisible illnesses. I experience a variety of symptoms on a daily basis, but like most of y’all, I try to hide my “otherness” from my abled friends, family, and colleagues.

My goal is to create a safe space for myself and for you to be honest about your conditions, your struggles, your triumphs, and all of the little victories that able-bodied people tend to take for granted.

First and foremost, this blog is for you.
The person out there who is struggling to make things work.
The person who has it pretty much figured out, but who still struggles when their body decides not to cooperate.
The person like you.
The person like me.