Work With Us

There are five main ways that you and your business can work with us here at DisVisibility.

  1. Audits. These involve us looking at your site and/or Instagram account and putting together a document that details how accessible and inclusive they currently are, as well as ways in which this can be improved.
  2. Website Accessibility Set-Up. If your business is just starting out, if you are not tech savvy, or if you have a lot of things that were suggested in the Audit, you can hire us to do a one-time Website Accessibility Set-Up in order to make sure everything looks good from an accessibility standpoint.
  3. Instagram Remediation. If you aren’t Instagram savvy, or if you had a lot of things suggested in the Audit, we are able to do a one-time Instagram Remediation to help make your account more accessible.
  4. Instagram Retainer. For business owners who want to ensure that your Instagram account is consistently as accessible as possible, you can hire us on a monthly retainer to ensure that this goal is met and a high level of accessibility is maintained for each post.
  5. Accessible PDF Creation. One thing that is incredibly important, but that a lot of business owners don’t think of, is that their PDFs (especially if they are their lead magnets) need to be accessible to individuals who use screen readers. We can help with that.

To learn more about each service, please visit its respective page; if you have questions about any of our services, feel free to send us an email.