Freelance with Us!

Are you a freelancer who also has a disability or strong ties to the disabled community? We might be able to use your skills!

DisVisibility is a disabled woman-run business that (after it launches) will help entrepreneurs, influencers, brands, and other businesses make their online presences more accessible and inclusive for the disabled community.

We’re currently looking for individuals willing to work on a per-project basis, and who are passionate about bringing equity to the world of business.

If this sounds like you, I strongly encourage you to schedule an interview with me here to discuss how we could work together.

At the moment, some of the most necessary skills/abilities/qualities I’m looking for in freelancers include:

  • At least one individual who is comfortable navigating websites and social media (especially Instagram) using a screen reader
  • At least one individual with knowledge of web design and the willingness to learn how to make websites more accessible
  • At least one individual who is able to reliably create accessible PDFs to help those who use screen readers
  • At least one individual who is able to accurately transcribe and caption videos to help those with hearing-related challenges
  • At least one individual who is familiar with ADA compliance laws and how they apply to the online environment